Will Adding 3D/360 Virtual Tours Help Your Business? An Overview of Potential Benefits and Best Use Scenarios

You might be wondering, why use virtual software when you can use images instead. After all, the latter is a simpler and cheaper option to add visual information in your online channels. Shouldn’t that be enough?

Will Adding 3D/360 Virtual Tours Help Your Business? An Overview of Potential Benefits and Best Use Scenarios

First impressions play a critical role in your business growth. Majority of your clients and job applicants will judge how you present your brand through your website, social media pages, and online reviews. So, show off your company’s best assets by providing virtual tours for those interested in your brand.

According to the 2020 Augmented and Virtual Reality Survey Report, nearly 40% of its respondents expect immersive technology to be mainstream in the next two years. Virtual tour software is one of the top tools considered to gain more popularity in the coming years.

Now you might be thinking that only industries related to tourism, real estate, and hospitality would need such a tool. But any type of business can benefit from virtual tours. Here’s how it can help.

1. Enhance online presence and traffic

Nowadays, your business’ online presence and reputation matters. In fact, a study by Spiegel says 95% of consumers would always check online listings of a company before they decide to avail their products or services.

One way to do that is by incorporating virtual tours in your channels. For instance, in real estate, it gives visual information to your customers. Homebuyers can look at a 3D visualization of the property’s amenities, floor design, wall color, features, and more. This is highly valuable, especially as many homebuyers may not be able to physically visit the properties nowadays due to quarantine protocols.

Your website or social media pages are often the first places where your clients will get to know your brand. It can even influence their decision to stay or not. You should use these platforms to leave memorable impressions on your clients.

2. Gain an edge over competitors

Your brand can easily get lost in the void of the internet. With so many content vying for your customers’ attention, you need to make sure that your business can stand out from the rest of your competitors.

With the best virtual tour software, you can provide a unique and fully immersive experience for your visitors and customers. You can customize your tours to highlight your best assets, services, and achievements. Likewise, you can show what sets you apart from your competitors.

One good example is TeliportMe. As one of the full-featured software solutions and highest rated on CompareCamp that offer the highest resolution and fastest download speed, it brings 360-degree virtual tour creation to agents and businesses with ease.

3. Improve customer engagement

You might be wondering, why use virtual software when you can use images instead. After all, the latter is a simpler and cheaper option to add visual information in your online channels. Shouldn’t that be enough?

While using images and graphics can help, they are merely static designs in your website or social media pages. Your visitors or customers will only glance at them for a few seconds and then move on to the next one. Before you know it, they will be gone just as fast.

But with virtual tours, you can increase their engagement and make them stay longer on your webpage. You can even make it more interactive by incorporating clickable links, zoom in/out functions, 360-degree views, and audio.

4. Increase sales and revenues

With virtual tours, you can increase the likelihood of converting your traffic into sales. When customers search for a product or service online, they usually have an idea of what they want and expect to have. You can use virtual tours to show them exactly that.

For example, a newly engaged couple is looking for a perfect wedding venue. You can use your virtual tour program to showcase your hotel or event place. Show them areas that are spacious enough for dancing, tables, and chairs. This will entice the couple to rent the space from you.

You can even use a virtual tour to showcase your products. Retailers can show the inside of their stores. Manufacturers can show how clean their factories are. Restaurants can reassure their customers of their food’s quality and sanitation. And farmers can use virtual tours to map their sites.

5. Attract top talents

Customers aren’t the only people you will be attracting with your virtual tours. It can also encourage top talents to apply to your company. Your tours can highlight the culture within your workplace, your amenities and facilities, and the people working in it.

In fact, culture and environment are two of the top factors that can influence job seekers’ decision to push through with their application to certain companies. By giving them a glimpse of what goes on inside your organization, you can make your company even more attractive for top talents.

This can also benefit your HR. Since job applicants have the chance to know more about your company, they can determine if they are the right fit for your teams. This can make hiring and recruiting faster and more effective.

6. Provide flexibility

One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of using a virtual tour software is flexibility. Virtual tours can help you reduce time and cost from actual, face-to-face tours. Not only on your side but also for your customers.

For one, scheduling virtual tours are easier. In fact, your customers don’t have to book for an exclusive tour. You can make your virtual tours public on your website or social media pages. On the other hand, you can simply share the link for private tours via email or instant messaging on demand. This drastically lessens waiting and preparation time for both.

Flexibility can also come in the form of customizing and personalizing experiences for your customers. It gives you more control over how you want to present your brand. By segmenting customers, you can tailor fit their experience depending on what they want and need to see.

7. Boost credibility

To gain your customers’ trust, you must first build up your credibility online. And while positive customer reviews and feedback are great, It often isn’t enough to fully encapsulate what your business has to offer.

People respond more to visual information rather than text. Words can paint an inaccurate or incomplete idea of your brand. Not to mention, images are more convincing than words. So let your customers see for themselves what your business is all about.

A virtual tour for business can boost your credibility. It can provide a comprehensive representation of your business compared to write-ups or customer reviews. This way, your customers can have a better idea of what to expect from your product or service. Just make sure that what you are showing them is the real deal. Otherwise, misleading them can have the opposite effect on your reputation.

Your business in the digital age

Your business has now dived headfirst into the digital age. Your interactions with your customers are increasingly becoming virtual. The challenge now is how to provide an immersive and satisfying customer experience despite the distance.

Fortunately, virtual tours, virtual reality, and augmented reality apps are becoming more and more accessible. These tools allow you to simulate and recreate lifelike experiences for your customers in the digital space. Regardless of what industry you are in, you can benefit from incorporating virtual tours into your webpages. You can use it to show off your brand and everything it has to offer.

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